Those were the days..

saved by the bell

I remember those days.. When all I wanted was to run out of class. To be saved by the bell *does anyone remember that tv-series by the way? Oohhh it was so fun!

Yes I know that some teachers can be harsh and you feel like you will never recover. You think that you will never be “the successful” student in the class, neither “the popular”.
Please hear it(or read it:) from a graduate who was never popular, have been picked on many times, made jokes about. But years after you do not remember those, all you remember are good times.

School years are the best days of your lives. Even better if you have chance to work at your own times and make your own living – or at least some pocket money giving you confidence and opportunity to do what you want outside school.

I always wanted to go to a college in another city – I think it is very important for self-confidence, self-accomplishment. So do that if you can!

Maybe you will stay at a dorm or rent a flat with one of your school-mates. Maybe your parents will want to move with you! Haahaaa that is what you do not need! Parents are awesome and it is great to stay in touch but if you go to a college in another city, there mus be a reason to do that. If you do not want to depend on your parents, find a job! Yes that you can do. You can work in a coffee-shop, hotel, grocery, market, petrol station etc. If you think life is hard in high school – wait till you start working.

Working while in college will also give you opportunity to get used to work life. When you graduate you will more confident while looking for job, making job interviews and when you try to express your self to the employer.

Nutrition is very important :¬†Yes, you will be away from your parents – but that also means being away from your mother’s nutritious, delicious home-cook food. Well, you are lucky because it is so easy to find home-made food in the markets and even at many restaurants. Lunch/dinner at a restaurant every can be pricey so you have two choices. Get your mother’s recipes or a microwave!

Staying fit : Your brain will need to refresh and also your body. So you can look for gym classes and I would also recommend yoga on this. If you get pro on yoga it is the best and most ultimate way to stay fit.

Friendships : High school friendships are wonderful. But while you are in college things start to change in high school there is no competition while in college things start to change.There are projects to be completed and your class mates will be evaluating your study. This does not specifically mean you are enemies. This will teach you to work as a team, to learn from your mistakes and also to teach others what you have learned from your experiences.


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