The Advantages of Homeschooling

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that between 2011 and 2012 3% of the US schooled aged cohort was homeschooled. And this is increasing every year.

board-1614646_1920The monopolisation of the fountain of knowledge to publicly-run schools stems from the conviction that learning only occurs in a formal course of instruction. But we all know how learning intermittently transpires in our daily life, that’s why some parents go for homeschooling. For homeschooled students, learning remains existential and occurs anywhere, anytime without the whims of a school timetable or bell. A vast majority of American parents begun to embrace homeschooling pedagogy to prevent their children from being exposed to untamed school environments; inculcate moral and religious principles, disillusionment with academic-centered approaches or where a child has special needs.

Parental Involvement: In a fast-paced, busy world, parents who choose to homeschool can thank their lucky stars as the public educational machinery only drives the wedge between them and their children. In an age where researchers and teachers underscore the imperatives of familial bond with your child, homeschooling creates an opportunity for parental involvement where you can strengthen the relationship with your child. The communication, strong social bonds and emotional intimacy act as an incentive for homeschooling.

Personalised and Wide-Ranging Learning: With homeschooling, a child gets the vantage of heart-to-heart teaching while you don’t have to worry about the instructor-student ratio. Parenting approach dovetailed with your teaching methods and child’s scholarship style renders impressive outcomes. You can customise the curriculum’s content to reflect a child’s area of interest and only teach when they want to learn. You can also strike a balance between the time needed for extra-curricular and academic activities. Modern technology will jazz up sessions, for instance, eLearning tools, Google Books, scientific databases, and so forth. Children learn how to work jointly with others, rather than the red in tooth and claw competition for grades in school. A trait valued by employers today. You also have familiarity with your child deeply than any public teacher can.

Child Develops Self-Discipline and Responsibility: Homeschooling provides the most efficient solution to taming errant behavior, unlike the puritanical streak that has long defined school rules. Teachers have to coax, ingratiate, and threaten a crowd of children in the playground to direct them to do something. A homeschooled child inculcates self-discipline, ethics, and responsibility as they remain in the driver’s seat in what goes on in their lives. Students face increasing peer pressure, the current statistics on alcohol consumption, drug abuse, illicit sex, violence, and rebellion will make you a bundle of nerves. At home, you child can imbibe critical and creative thinking skills rather than cram facts to romp through state exams.

Net Costs for Homeschooling is Lower: Given the academic and moral downsides bedeviling the public schools in the US, parents who lack deeper pockets to send their children to private institutions resort to homeschooling. You will do away with the packed lunch, cheques, teacher’s shopping, fundraising, volunteering and other activities that encroach into your wallet and time. Last Words John Locke acknowledged that two children could not retain or digest knowledge in the same while Rousseau touted for individual learning. If you doubt the potential and capability of homeschooling, a flash of memory to training your child to use a potty at early years can give you a hint.

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